Victim Today and Tomorrow- The Lawyers’ Perception
Moumita Bhattacharjee
Scholars Bulletin, 2018; 4(2):164-168 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2018.4.2.5

Public Electricity Fluctuation and Sustainability of Micro Enterprises in Southern Senatorial District of Cross River State, Nigeria
Linus O. Inyang, Etuk, G. Reuben
Scholars Bulletin, 2018; 4(2):130-135 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2018.4.2.1

Between Sanctity and Pantheism: A Philosophical View of the Psychology of Religion
Abraham Mounitz
Scholars Bulletin, 2018; 4(1):88-102 (Download PDF)
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The Study of Jacques Derrida: Force of Law, “The Mystical Foundations of Authority”
Jane Edward
Scholars Bulletin, 2018; 4(1):15-18 (Download PDF)
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Educational Challenges, Obstacles and Critical Incidents in Problem Base Learning (PBL) Tutorial Group
Ibrahim A Ali, Mazin. S. Abdalla, Ahmed T. Abdalla, Omnia T. Abdalla
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The Relationship between Female Teachers’ Self-efficacy and their Aspiration for Leadership Positions in Public Primary Schools in Kericho County, Kenya
Soi Dorothy, Ochola John, Kiprop Catherine
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Sources of Kenyan Bill of Rights (Art. 32-34) and Media advocacy for the Rights and Freedoms Guaranteed in the Constitution
Michael M Ndonye, Vivian Nyaata
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(11):569-575 (Download PDF)
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The Dynamics of help Seeking Strategies used by Battered Women in Spousal Relationships in Nakuru West Sub-County of Kenya
Mary Wanjiku Wachira, Kibet Ngetich, Wokabi Mwangi
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(11):563-568 (Download PDF)
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Sultan Abdülhamid II’s Leadership in Caring for the Eldery and Mission of the Darülaceze He Founded
Şerif Esendemir
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(10):459-463 (Download PDF)
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Impact of Higher Education on National Economic Development
Mohammad Rokanuzzaman
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A Study among Adults to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Malaria Prevention at Selected Urban Slum Area of Gwalior City India
Mr. Virendra Singh, Dr. Madhusoodan, Dr. Mahipal Singh
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(9):429-434 (Download PDF)
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Utilization of Electronic Resources on Islamic Studies in Nigerian Universities: Challenges and Solutions
Dr Salisu Adamu Aliero
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A Review on Psychopatology in Sex Crimes
Aslı Yayak, Phd.
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A Morphosemantic Account of Verb Extension in C’LELA
Muhammad Ango Aliero, Sadiya Abubakar Gwandu
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Soft Skill Analysis on Students of SMK N 13 West Jakarta
Hapzi Ali, Said Djamaluddin, Baruna Hadibrata
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The Perceptual Constraints of Adult Learners on the Implementation of Adult Basic Education Programs in Kenya
Edward Nzinga
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(7):301-307 (Download PDF)

The Impact of Head teachers Support in Implementing the Guidance and Counseling Programme (GCP) for Promotion of the Hearing Impaired Pupils’ Development in Selected Counties, Kenya
Dorcas Njeri Githaiga, Gladys Kiptiony, Owen Ngumi
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(7):325-331 (Download PDF)

Prejudice and Discrimination on the Basis of Social Dominance Theory
Asli Yayak
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(6):273-276 (Download PDF)

Whether Losing, Whether Winning Musings in Political Realism as a Political Reflection on the Imperative of History
Andrew T. Ngeh
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(5):234-238(Download PDF)

The Influence of Administrative Zakat Infaq and Sodaqoh Funds to Population Poor (A case study Jambi city year 2011-2016)
M. Zahari MS, Sudirman
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(5):239-244(Download PDF)

Mapping out Media-Politics Relationship in Kenya: Comparing the Mwai Kibaki-Uhuru Kenyatta Regimes’ Media ownership, Usage and Control
Mathews Arnold Shirima, Michael M. Ndonye
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(4):164-169 (Download PDF)

Correlating Students’ Participation in Music and their Academic Performance in Public Secondary Schools in Kenya
Rose Okumu, Alexander Ronoh, Paul Maithya
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Africanity and New Wave Popular Music Style in Nigeria: “Afro” Hip Hop Revisited
Wale Adedeji Ph.D.
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(3):75-82 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2017.3.3.1

Effect of Motivation and Job Satisfaction on the Performance of Teachers in Mentari School Bintaro (MSB)
Adonia, Setyo Riyanto, Hapzi Ali
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(3):83-91 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2017.3.3.2

Gender Gap in the Heart of Wage Earning Differentials
David Iheke Okorie, Dak-Adzaklo Cephas Simon-Peter
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(3):122-128 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2017.3.3.7

The Nigerian Real sector and Unemployment Probabilities
David Iheke Okorie, Victor Edem Sosoo
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(3):134-148 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2017.3.3.9

The Preparedness to Cope with Alcohol Relapse Risks among Alcoholics in Selected Rehabilitation Centers in Nairobi, Kenya
Sellah Koech, James Kay
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(2):54-61 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2017.3.2.3

College students’ preferences of instructional material formats
Patricia Fidalgo, Ieda M. Santos, Joan Thormann
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(1):1-12 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2017.3.1.1

An Appraisal of Libraries, Staffing and Information Resources in Bauchi State of Nigeria
Umar Ahmed, Aliyu Abdulkadir
Scholars Bulletin, 2017; 3(1):13-22 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2017.3.1.2

The Role of Nigerian Academics in Domesticating an International English Literacy Teaching Model: the Case of Zamfara State Jolly Phonics Project
Shehu Sidi Ibrahim, Mika'ilu Ibrahim, Salihu Mamman Jangebe
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(12):649-653 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.12.1

Discussions in Reading Instruction: Do Learners Prefer Face-to-face or Online?
Lone E. Ketsitlile, Uju C. Ukwuoma
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(12):659-663(Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.12.3

Preservice Teachers’ Concerns about the Classroom-based Internship Experience
Fatimah F. Rashad, Patricia Fidalgo, Luisa Menano, Sumaya Saqr
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(11):597-604 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.11.1

The Investigation of The Problem-solving Capacity of Primary School Students: A Case Study
Nguyen Phu Loc, Duong Huu Tong, Nguyen Thi Phương Chi
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(11):609-612 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.11.3

The Factors Resulted in Low Listening Grades for College Students and Our Solution
Xu Xiaochen, Ren Jingbo, Zhu Zhengtang, Zhuang Qingfa
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(11):622-624 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.11.5

Engaging Internationally Diverse Students by Integrating the Teaching of Reading and Writing and Using Writing via ICT Tools for Assessment
Mei-Shiu Chiu
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(11):625-636 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.11.6

An Analysis of Discourse Markers in Football commentaries
Aworo-Okoroh Joy Oghogho
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(10):554-563 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.10.2

Overcoming Stigma and Discrimination among HIV/AIDS Orphaned Children: the Role of NGOs’ In Kenya
Nyangena Emily Moraa, Dr. Erick K. Bor
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(9):530-536 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.9.3

“Kadugolla Community in Karntaka – At the Crossroads”
Dr. P. Nagaraja
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(8):485-487 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.8.3

The Radio Programming and the Youth Preference in Nairobi, Kenya
Evelyn Wekesa
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(7):436-440 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.7.1

Factors Influencing Youth Listener’s Motivation for FM Radio Shows in Nairobi Kenya
Evelyn Wekesa
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(7):441-446 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.7.2

The Examination of the Legal and Institutional Regulatory Framework for Broadcast Media in Kenya
Vivian Moraa Nyaata, Michael M. Ndonye
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):430-435 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.31

The Relationship    Between  News  Content  Tabloidization  and  Political  Polarization in  The  Standard  Newspaper, Kenya
Benjamin M Mbatia, Dr. Lucy Wathika, Dr. Josephine Khaemba
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(3):136-141 (Download PDF)

Quality of Life Issues on Pangkor Island, Malaysia
Dr. Rosmadi Fauzi, Siti Nadira Ahmad Rozlan Shah
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(11):285-290. (Download PDF)

The Perception of Alzheimer`s Disease in the Social Context of Turkey
Şerif Esendemir
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(10):276-279. (Download PDF)

A Study of the Effect of Home Background, Environmental Factors, Emotional Intelligence and Peer Influence on Students’ Academic Performance
Sulaimon Mutiu O, Adewunmi Olusola A, Oyenekan Dotun F
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(9):245-252. (Download PDF)

Children Literature Education in Nigeria and the Challenges of Readership
Dr. Muhammad Aminu Mode
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(8):198-200. (Download PDF)

Manifestation of Power in Media: Analysing From the Perspective of Self and Other
Kangkana Sharma
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(8):211-216. (Download PDF)

A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of Teaching the Low Achievers in English through Functional Communicative Approach and Traditional Method at Secondary Level
Amal Kumar Chakrabarty, Dr.Tuhin Kr. Samanta
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(8):224-230. (Download PDF)

Achebe as A Born-Again Novelist: A Study of His Portrayal of African Woman in Contemporary Political Struggle in Anthills of The Savannah.
M. A. MODE (PhD)
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(7):185-188. (Download PDF)

The Effects of Managerial Knowledge and Information on the Implementation of Performance Contract in Tertiary Institutions in Meru Country.
Nkonge Timothy, KellenKiambati, Alice Simiyu
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(4):133-142. (Download PDF)

A non-monotone self-adaptive trust region method with line search for unconstrained optimization
Liran Yang, Qinghua Zhou
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(4):143-147. (Download PDF)

Violence, Gender and Environmental Justice in India: A Critical Analysis
Faraha Nawaz
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(4):96-101. (Download PDF)