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Endogenous Microbial Flooding Evaluation
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Theoretical Study of Dark Matter and Energy in Galaxies and Why Scientists Closer to Observing Dark Matter
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Ancient Plate Boundary Identification
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Rock Geochemical Pyrolysis and Gas Chromatography Technology Application in Judging Oil and Water Layer
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The Study of Parameters of Daqing Oilfield’s Putaohua Reservoir G1 Block
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Application of Deep Heavy Oil Testing Technology in the K119 Wells
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Teaching “Integration by Parts” in Calculus 12: A Pedagogical Experiment Based on the Inductive Instruction
Nguyen Phu Loc, Nguyen Van Hung
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Study on development difference of Mao 11 and Mao 10 blocks
Lu chunong, Ma shizhong, Zhong dan
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Tenan south sag of bedrock buried hill fracture development law relationship with oil and gas distribution
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Nanpu sag caprock closed time effectiveness of oil and gas research
Jiang Haiyan,Liu Binying
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Spectral decomposition technology in oil and gas reservoir prediction
Lin Yujia
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The review of seismic Full waveform inversion
Lin Yujia
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The accumulation patterns and main controlling factors of hydrocarbon in different types of tectonic units of Jizhong Basin
Liu Binying, Jiang Haiyan
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Meandering river point bar physical simulation water flooding experiment and analysis
Wang Xu, Yan Baiquan, Chen Siduo, Deng Ming, Xiang Yao
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Reservoir micro structure amplitude of oilfield development
Shi Xiao Xin
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Types and distribution of remaining oil in the area of Daqing Oilfield
Li hang
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Application of Seismic Attribute Optimization in Reservoir Prediction
Zengjia Xiao
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Lithology recognition method research
Zhang Ruida
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Reservoir Characteristics
Zhang Ruida
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“Didactical Contract” As a Tool for Finding out Students’ Errors in Solving Problem: An Illustration in Analytic Geometry
Nguyen Phu Loc, Bui Phuong Uyen
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An Adjustable Algorithm Based on Non-Monotone Strategy for Optimization Problems
Shaojing Lian, Qiang Hua
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Studying On the Fluid Identification Method of Complex Lithological Reservoir
Liwei Mu, Meiling Zhang, Jianhua Lin
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Combination of Well and Seismic Identification Technology with Low Sequence Fault
Zhang Meiling, Dong Chuanlei
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A Dense Oil Reservoir Micro Pore Structure Characteristic
Na Lou, Tianqi Zhao, Yan Zhang
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Study on the Variation of Remaining Oil in Extra High Water Cut Stage in Multi-Layer Sandstone Reservoirs
Pan Mengmeng
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Geological Characteristics and Development Characteristics of the 45 Block in Daqing Oilfield
Pan Mengmeng
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Multi-Factors matching Theory for Hydrocarbon Accumulation and Its Application on the Hydrocarbon Exploration in Junggar Basin
Shuai Gao, Lei Gong, Jiaqi Yao, Ang Gao,Yanan Shi
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Summary of Structural Characteristics and Evolution of Sinian System in Sichuan Basin
Qin Kai
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Modeling Method of the Multi-Scale and Multiple Medium Unconventional Tight Oil-Reservoir: A Case Study of the Reservoir in Lucaogou Formation of Junggar Basin
He Wei, Ma Shizhong, Lang Juntian, Zhu Yu, Ni Bowen
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Analysis of influencing factors on the brittleness of rocks and minerals—Well A in the Permian Lucaogou Formation of J depression as an example
Zhang Yu-peng, Ma shi-zhong, Zhong Dan, Niu Dong-liang, Zhang Qian
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The Data Transformation between Surfer and Double Arc Software: T3 Reflection Layer Structure Diagram of the Sag in Baxian as an Example
Kaichao Meng, Xuesong Zhou, Ruhao Liu, Hao Chai
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Low Permeability Sandstone Reservoir Prediction
Cao Sijia, Jin Yejun
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Research of Putaohua Reservoir Sedimentary Microfacies Distribution Law
Meiling Jiang, Yunfeng Zhang
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Study on the Reservoir Microscopic Characteristics of the West Part of Beisandong in Sabei Development Area
Binchi Zhang, Qi Qin, Lin Zhu
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Fine Division and Consistency of High Resolution Sequence of the Fuyu Oil Layer in Toutai
He Yu, Ma Shizhong, Zhongdan, Niu Dongliang
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Application of Grey Relational Analysis in Daqing Oilfield Reservoir Evaluation
Pan Mengmeng
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Oil-Water Distribution Law and Controlling Factors of Putaohua Reservoir in The X1 Block of Puxi Oilfield
Zhong Dan, Ren Jieping
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Sedimentary Facies Research of Combination of Well Logging and Seismic
Zhong Dan,Shi Dan,Ren Jieping
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The Application of Geostatistics Inversion in Reservoir Prediction
Shi Dan,Ren Jieping,Xing Tianhui,Li Yang
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The Part Factors Influencing the Seismic Reflection Characteristics
LI Zhi-yang, MA Shi-zhong, XIAO Liang, DENG Ming
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(3):149-152 (Download PDF)

Stratal Slicing and Coherence Technique for Describing Sand Body
Tianqi Zhao, Na Lou, Zhaobin Tan
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(3):157-161 (Download PDF)

Application of heavy mineral data in provenance analysis
Niu Dongliang
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(3):162-164 (Download PDF)

Correlation Analysis between Permeability and Pore Structure of Tight Reservoir
Li Shuming
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(3):165-167 (Download PDF)

Study on In-Layer Heterogeneity of the Channel Single Sandstone Body in Each Facies Area of the Meandering River-Delta
Fan Guangjuan, Wan Da, Fan Guangquan, Wang Yongchao, Li Xinyu
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(3):168-171 (Download PDF)

The Studying For Thin Interbed Architecture of Burial Meandering Channel Point Bar
Wang wei, Li zhen hai, Su yu
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Three-dimensional Geological modeling of Toutai oilfield’s Fuyu reservior Z11 block
Wang Hao, Ma Shizhong, He Wei, Wang Zhao
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Characteristics of Micro-Pore Structure of Tight Sandstone Reservoir: A Case Study from ImsarSag Tight Oil Reservoirs
Li Hang
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(2):78-80 (Download PDF)

Remaining Oil Comprehensive Evaluation of Xing 12 Block in Daqing Oil Field
Li Hang
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(2):81-84 (Download PDF)

Combined seismology and logging study the sedimentary face
Jian Li, Qingguo Zhang
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(2):85-88 (Download PDF)

Study on sedimentary microfacies of the key sedimentary units of the Fuyu oil layer in Toutai
He Yu, Ma Shizhong, Zhong dan, Niu Dongliang, Zhang Yue
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(2):89-93 (Download PDF)

The Discussion of Seismic Sedimentology
Li Shuming
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(2):94-96 (Download PDF)

The analysis of characteristics of reservoir brittleness of down ES4 of the Damingtun Depression
Zhenhai Li, Lunwei Zhu, Zhilong Li
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(1):8-10 (Download PDF)

A pattern search method with non-monotone strategy
Changyuan Li, Qinghua Zhou
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A non-monotone trust region method
Liran Yang, Qinghua Zhou
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Interlayers identification standards and interpertation of Toutai oilfield’s Fuyu reservior M10 block
Wang hao, Ma shizhong, Wang zhao
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Sedimentary system and its effect on sand body of Heidimiao Reservoir of PX Oilfield
Niu Dongliang
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Understanding Consumer Decision during Shopping Food and Grocery in Hypermarket: Demographic and Trip Characteristic
Abd Rahman Roslan, Rohana Jani, Rosmadi Fauzi
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(1):43-51 (Download PDF)

The research of the Pore structure characteristics of ultra-low permeability reservoir based on constant velocity mercury intrusion in X group,Jimsar sag, Junggar Basin
Zhang Yu-peng, Ma shi-zhong, Zhong Dan Niu, Dong-liang, Zhang Qian
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(1):52-57 (Download PDF)

Provenance analysis of Puxi oilfield’s G1 block
Niu Dongliang
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The recent development of non-monotone trust region methods
Baowei Liu
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On The Negative Pell Equation y2=60x2-15
K. Meena, M.A Gopalan, E. Bhuvaneswari
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PU XI Oilfield, Putao Hua oil layer fluid Identification standard
Zhang Ruida
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Observations on the Hyperbola y2=120x2+1
K. Meena, S. Vidhyalakshmi, A. Rukmani
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Analysis of Log Facies of the Test Area in Nanqi Area of Saertu Oilfiled, Daqing
Ning Yang, Xingbo Zhang
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A Non-Monotone Conic Trust Region Method with Fixed Step-Size
Baowei Liu
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Research on Sedimentary Microfacies of Member 1 of Yao Formation in Puxi Oilfield
Zhong Dan, Ma Shizhong
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An Interesting Diophantine Problem
M.A. Gopalan, S. Vidhyalaksmi, J. Shanthi
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On Interesting Triple Integer Sequences
M.A. Gopalan, J. Shanthi, K. Agalya
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The Osteometrical evaluation of bilateral femoral head for significant variability and its applied significance
Dr. Gopalakrishna. K, Dr. BS. Rathna
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On The Homogeneous Biquadratic Equation with Four Unknowns X4 +Y4+Z4=32W
M.A. Gopalan, S.Vidhyalakshmi, N. Thiruniraiselvi
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A new non-monotone trust region method based on simple quadratic models
Liran Yang, Qinghua Zhou, Weili Zheng
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Non-monotone wedge Trust Region Method for Unconstrained Optimization
Weili Zheng, Qinghua Zhou
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he Proof of Two Identities by Using the Method of Generating Function
LI Wenhe
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(1):25-26. (Download PDF)