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The Impact of Using Solar Colored Filters to Cover the PV Panel in Its OutcomesHussein A Kazem1, Miqdam T Chaichan2*1Faculty of Engineering, Sohar University, Sohar, Oman2Energy and Renewable Energy Technology Center, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

Abstract: The solar radiation intensity is the primary parameter that affects the PV panel outcomes. However, the solar radiation has a group of wavelengths, and each one of them can influence the solar cell in a different way from other wavelengths. The spectrum wavelengths are related to the energy’s frequencies. The present study aimed to find the wavelength/color that causes the highest PV panel outcome and the best electricity conversion. Seven colored filters were added once solo and once again combined but except one. The study results reveal that the PV panel output for the natural spectrum is the highest compared to the other colored light. This is almost certainly due to the loss of light intensity inherent to the tint of the color filters. The blue screen employment resulted in lowest output power compared to the other colored filter. The study results proved that the visible spectrum of the solar radiation affects the solar panel outcomes.

Keywords: Solar spectrum, wavelength, PV panel, colored filter.