Scholars Bulletin; Volume-1: Issue-8 (November, 2015)


The Effect of Training and Development and Quality Management on Organization Performance in Nyeri Technical Training Institute Nyeri, County, Kenya
Muthui, Speranza Wambui, Kellen Kiambati, Alice Simiyu
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(8):194-197. (Download PDF)
Children Literature Education in Nigeria and the Challenges of Readership
Dr. Muhammad Aminu Mode
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(8):198-200. (Download PDF)
The Assessment on the Effects of Financial Resources and Structures on the Implementation of Performance Contract in Tertiary Institutions in Meru County
Timothy Nkonge, KellenKiambati, Alice Simiyu
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(8):201-210. (Download PDF)
Manifestation of Power in Media: Analysing From the Perspective of Self and Other
Kangkana Sharma
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(8):211-216. (Download PDF)
Management of Distomolar Pocket With Diode Laser: A Case Report
Khan Mohammad Arif, SanjayGupta, TandonPradeep, Saimbi C.S., Jaishwal Rajeev Kumar, Agrawal Poonam
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(8):217-219. (Download PDF)
A Non-Monotone Conic Trust Region Method with Fixed Step-Size
Baowei Liu
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(8):220-223. (Download PDF)
A Comparative Study on the Effectiveness of Teaching the Low Achievers in English through Functional Communicative Approach and Traditional Method at Secondary Level
Amal Kumar Chakrabarty, Dr.Tuhin Kr. Samanta
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(8):224-230. (Download PDF)
Research on Sedimentary Microfacies of Member 1 of Yao Formation in Puxi Oilfield
Zhong Dan, Ma Shizhong
Scholars Bulletin, 2015; 1(8):231-234. (Download PDF)