Volume-2: Issue-6A (June, 2016)

The Main Controlling Factors of Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Present Research Situation
Cui Jia, YU Deyi, Feng Jun
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):319-321 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.1

Application and Development of Full Waveform Inversion of Seismic Exploration
Huang Ming Wei
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):322-326 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.2

Application of Structure Fine Interpretation Technology
Huang Ming Wei
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):327-329 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.3

Research History and Current Situation of the Development of Structure Physical Modeling Experiment
Feng jun, Yu Deyi, Cui Jia
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):330-332 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.4

A Review of Thin Layer Methods
Jiaxue Shen
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):333-337 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.5

Continuous Logging Response Mode of Complex Lithology
Li-wei Mu, Mei-ling Zhang, Lei Feng
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):338-341 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.6

The Research and Application of Spectrum Inversion in Thin Layer
Jiaxue Shen
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):342-345 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.7

Micro-Flow Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Low Permeability Reservoir: A Case Study of Chang 6 Reservoir of Jiyuan Area in Ordos Basin
Yunpeng Zhang,Jiabao Zuo
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):346-348 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.8

Study on Sedimentary Facies of Chang 8 Member in Jiyuan Oilfield, Ordos Basin
Yunpeng Zhang, Jiabao Zuo
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):349-351 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.9

The Seismic Attribute Technology
Huang Ming Wei
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):352-354 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.10

Seismic Data Analysis and Processing
Shi Xiao Xin
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):355-362 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.11

Research Methods of Fault Sealing
Jiabao Zuo, Yunpeng Zhang
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):363-366 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.12

Source Faults of F, Y Oil Layer in Sanzhao Depression and its Control to Oil Accumulation
Jiabao Zuo, Yunpeng Zhang
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):367-370 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.13

The Method of Recovering the Burial History
Wang Defang, Zhao Yin, Liu Yachao, An Xiaodong, Zhang Jian
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):371-374 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.14

Effect of Thiamine on Fasting Blood Glucose Level of Non-Diabetic and Diabetic Albino Rats
Umashankar PD Keshri, Bhulan Prasad Loc, Subhankar Choudhury
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):375-379 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.15

Studying on the Relationship between Volcanic Lithofacies and Well Logging Facies
Li-wei Mu, Mei-ling Zhang, Xu Yan
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6A):380-382 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.16

Volume-2: Issue-6B (June, 2016)

Endogenous Microbial Flooding Evaluation
Wen Peng Song
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):383-387 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.17

The Overview of Hydraulic Fracturing and the Application in the Process of the Oil-gas Production
Yejun Jin
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):388-390 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.18

Daan Oilfield Low Permeability Sandstone Reservoir Petrology Characteristics
Meiling Jiang,Yunfeng Zhang,Chunlong Xu
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):391-394 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.19

Basic Characteristics of Shale Oil Reservoir
Jia Mengcheng, Ge zhaorong
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):395-397 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.20

Heavy Oil Formation Mechanism Analysis
Ge zhaorong, Jia Mengcheng
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):398-400 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.21

Basic Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Source Rocks of Marine Carbonate Rocks
Xu Ran, Li Jingchao
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):401-403 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.22

Evaluation on Dalong Formation Hydrocarbon Source Rock in the Northwest Sichuan Province
Zhang Bing
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):404-405 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.23

Identification of Oil and Water Layer Method for Light Hydrocarbon in Liaohe Depression
Li Jingchao, Xu Ran
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):406-408 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.24

Fracture Identification by Logging Datas
Zhenghao Tang, Suibao Wang
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):409-413 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.25

Three Pond Status in Lake Basin Deposition and Its Evolution Characteristics
Li Qing, Dong Shun
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):414-416 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.26

Theoretical Study of Dark Matter and Energy in Galaxies and Why Scientists Closer to Observing Dark Matter
Basanta Pathak
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):417-421 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.27

The current situation and prospects of remaining oil distribution
Li Qing, Dong Shun
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):422-424 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.28

The research method of the fault activity and the suitable conditions for analysis
Jiang Haiyan, Liu Binying
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):425-427 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.29

The enrichment regularity and main controlling factors of hydrocarbon in different types of slope tectonic belt
Liu Binying, Jiang Haiyan
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):428-429 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.30

The Examination of the Legal and Institutional Regulatory Framework for Broadcast Media in Kenya
Vivian Moraa Nyaata, Michael M. Ndonye
Scholars Bulletin, 2016; 2(6B):430-435 (Download PDF)
DOI: 10.21276/sb.2016.2.6.31