SB: Volume-4: Issue-11 (Nov, 2018)

Relationship between Oil Price Fluctuation and Macroeconomic Performance in Saudi Arabia

ImadEldin Abdel KarimYousif, Mahdi MuaidhAlsultan
Scholars Bulletin, 2018; 4(11):822-832

The Influence of the Impementation Government Accounting Standards (Gas) Based on Accurual through the Financial Statement Quality (Survey on the Depok City Work Unit)

Luckman Ibrahim, Hari Setiyawati
Scholars Bulletin, 2018; 4(11):833-842

Prevalence Study on Gastroitestinal Tract Helminthiasis of Equine in and Around Gondar Town

Muluken Worku, Shimeles Abegaz
Scholars Bulletin, 2018; 4(11):843-850

Analysis of the Teaching-Learning Process of the Molecular Mechanics Concepts at the University Level in D R Congo

Laurent N Gaza, Dominique M Ndandula, Dieudonné L. K-M Tambwe, Jean-Pierre B. Ikolongo, Judex Divioka, Pius T. Mpiana
Scholars Bulletin, 2018; 4(11):851-859

The Influence of Price on Customer Loyalty in the Retail Industry

Jewel Dela Novixoxo, Paul Fred Kumi, Lucy Anning, Samuel Darko
Scholars Bulletin, 2018; 4(11):860-873